Partnership IT Programs

At BECOLED and IPMC Partnership Programs, our mission is to empower learners with the essential skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today's competitive job market. Our programs are carefully designed with a clear purpose in mind: to provide intensive, hands-on practical training that goes beyond theoretical concepts. We aim to equip our students with in-depth technical skills that are not only immediately applicable but also highly marketable. Our goal is for every graduate to be well-prepared to offer services that will generate the revenue they deserve and also position them as the most sought-after professionals in their chosen field. We believe that by focusing on practical, industry-relevant training, we are not only helping our students succeed but also contributing to the growth and innovation of various industries.

Diploma IT Programs

We offer three (3) categories of Diploma in IT programs at Berekum CoE

Certificate IT Programs

We offer three (3) categories of Certificate in IT programs at Berekum CoE

Admission Requirements

With the exception of End-User IT Proficiency Skills Certificate, would be participants should be in or have completed a minimum of Senior High School or an equivalent qualification. Learners who have not completed Senior High School can still enroll in the End-User IT Proficiency Skills Certificate program, but they will be placed in a separate class from those who have completed or are in Senior High School. This ensures that our programs are accessible to a diverse range of learners, accommodating various educational backgrounds and needs.

Program Duration

Our Diploma programs span a comprehensive 6-month period, offering an immersive and in-depth educational experience. For those seeking specialization through our Certificate programs, they typically range from 3 to 4 months, allowing focused and expedited learning in specific areas of interest. Whether you're looking for a more extended and thorough education or a quicker path to specialization, we offer options that cater for your unique learning goals and timelines

Program Projects

At the conclusion of each program, students will undertake a practical project as an essential component of program completion. These projects offer hands-on application of their acquired skills, serving as a real-world demonstration of their proficiency and innovation in their chosen field. This practical experience enriches their education and readies them for the challenges and opportunities in their careers.

Program Certification

All certificates awarded upon successful completion of our programs will be issued by IPMC, a highly reputable and fully accredited Professional IT Training Institution. It's important to note that IPMC is also accredited as a University College in Ghana by GTEC (Ghana Tertiary Education Commission), further attesting to the quality and legitimacy of our educational offerings. This ensures that your certification carries not only national but international recognition, validating your proficiency and expertise in the field of IT and related specializations.


Our program fees are budget-friendly, offering exceptional value considering the extensive range of courses included in each program package. We are committed to making quality education accessible, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment without financial constraints

Training Sessions

Interested perssons seeking to enroll in the IT programs has two (2) choices of training sessions to choose from


Mondays - Fridays

5PM - 8PM



9AM - 4PM

Contact Persons

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